About us

About us CAAMLUX
  • Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management Luxembourg manages two funds with assets under management exceeding EUR 1.3 billion.
  • We are a management company under Chapter 15 of the UCITS Law of 17 December 2010, a external AIFM of the within the meaning of the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers, as amended (the AIFM Law) and regulated by the CSSF.
  • We offer third party management company services (which includes substance, fund governance and supervision of delegated functions).
  • Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management Luxembourg as part of the Group Crèdit Andorrà provides a high quality tailor-made service to its clients that focuses on high quality services, transparency and best practice.
  • We delegate central administration and distribution functions to professional service providers. The investment management is essentially done by the management company or may be delegated to third party investment managers.